ClipClic 4272 Ballpoint pen


  • Retractable ballpoint pen
  • Easy click mechanism
  • Strong conical point
  • Individually barcoded
  • Soft ink for smooth writing
  • Push button unit indicates ink colour
  • Fine line width 0.5 mm
  • Available in blue or black in boxes of 50

Article number: 4272

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High-quality writing pens from STAEDTLER are truly versatile and practical companions for everyday life, school and the office. They are characterised by their excellent product quality, and many of our writing pens offer the following advantages:

  • Fast-drying
  • Indelible ink
  • No smudging

Thanks to their ergonomic design, our writing products encourage you to write in a more relaxed way. With the right solution for almost every application, discover the wide choice of high-quality ballpoint pens, rollerballs and fineliners we offer in our range of writing supplies.

Easy writing with refillable ballpoint pens

Ballpoint pens are writing pens with a ball on the tip that transfers ink onto paper. Our products always deliver clean writing results. Models with a rubberised barrel or non-slip grip zone ensure that you can hold the pen securely when writing. Designs with an ergonomic triangular barrel are easy to hold, ensuring a comfortable writing experience, especially for those who do a lot of writing.

When your STAEDTLER ballpoint pen runs out, you can refill it in no time at all with our ballpoint refills. This practical accessory is available in a range of different ink colours and line widths to suit your specific requirements. In general, ballpoint refills last longer than fountain pen cartridges and do not need to be replaced as frequently.

Long-lasting fineliners for maximum writing comfort

The versatile fineliners from STAEDTLER are ideal for smooth, fluid and above all very fine writing on documents. Their ink is:

  • Indelible (pigment liner 308)
  • Lightfast
  • Waterproof

These writing pens feature a very fine fibre tip for really intricate results. Models with a metal tip are ideal for use with lettering guides, for example.

Our fineliners are not only very comfortable to write with, but also extremely long-lasting. Thanks to the innovative Dry Safe technology used in our pens, they can be left uncapped for days without drying up.

Pressure-stable rollerballs for particularly smooth results

Rollerballs essentially work like ballpoint pens, except that they use a water-based ink that is dispensed steadily from a special ink reservoir. The water-based ink ensures that the pen glides easily and smoothly over the paper, while also providing more colour-intensive results. These writing pens also feature a long-lasting, pressure-stable tip. Our triangular models sit very comfortably in the hand and are the ideal choice when writing longer texts. They are also available in a variety of ink colours and line widths.

The advantages of our writing pens at a glance

  • Pleasant writing experience
  • No scratching
  • Smooth writing
  • Easy to hold
  • Steady ink flow
  • Robust, long-lasting tip
  • Immediately ready to write
  • Consistent line width

High product safety thanks to ventilated cap

At STAEDTLER, product safety is of paramount importance to us. All STAEDTLER caps are designed in accordance with ISO 11540, so if swallowed accidentally, the airway will not be blocked.